Testing a wm868v1

We have just installed a Laird Sentrius RG1xx and have a wind meter on test in Roslin. Its data feed can be seen here. wm868v1 Data Feed MyDevices.com data visualisation. You should see Wind speed and direction charts on clicking the link.  Using Swagger on TTN How we can use TheThingsNetwork(TTN) to develop our sensors and […]

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We have made several updates to the component layout, adding a second set of pins on the opposite side to the 40 pin connector. This distance is an integer alignment of  2.54mm pitch, making it easy to use for extended prototyping. The entry power routing has been revamped with options for solder bridging the 3v3 […]

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LoRa cAno2 windmeter

http://www.thewindop.com‘s latest wind meter now has LoRa capability. It can operate from batteries or with an optional solar panel, dependent on deployment requirements. It uses our cAno2 data sampler, more details here. Our prototype LoRa version will be available for pre-order on the 1st December with the specification outlined below. MCU MSP430FR5994 256KB FRAM, 8KSRAM […]

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We have built cAno2 based on the excellent MSP430FR5994. Designed for long term data collection in the big outdoors, it has BLE to allow easy configuration. An outline specification listing can be found below. The 256KB of FRAM on the MSP430FR5994 can be shared between the data and program, storing to SD card or using one of […]

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cAno: experiments in Eink

Not everyone wants to use a website or a smartphone to view their data. Some just want a simple wall display. Eink is power efficient and extremely elegant solution to this problem. It also just so happens that displays are reasonably priced, low-power and they look pretty slick. We opted for the Pervasive Display range, […]

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cAno talks to Arty

In this post we give an overview of how we started getting Arty to talk to a cAno®. The same process could be applied to a Raspberry PI or Arduino board. Board files are supplied for Arty on our Github site. The basic architecture of cAno is shown below. There are many power management options […]

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