cAno® was developed for use in thewindop.com wind meters. cAno® is a low power data sampler/aggregator and is their beating heart, reading the various sensors, storing this data and passing it back over GPRS, the optional XBee link or another uart 2 communication interface

thewindop.com shows how cAno® can be used in practice, however this site is dedicated exclusively to the cAno®. How to get it, program it and use it + what we have experimented with.

cAno® uses the TI MSP430FR5969 to deliver data from any location with mobile phone reception. Onboard GPS can supply the time and position.

  • 2 power independent I2C sensor strings are available
  • pulse measurement + buffered ADC channels
  • Spare IO routed to pads for user expansion
  • 5v & 2v8 power out

Multiple buck power supplies allow 12v sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries to be used, including direction connection to the battery during charging.

Originally built using the MSP430FR5739 TI experimenter boards, cAno® evolved into a PCB so that a single board provided all the function that thewindop.com required as well as offering capacity for future additions.

It also allowed targeting of smaller housings, decreasing chance of moisture ingress, all adding up to lowering the cost and increasing the relability of the system.

To date the cAno® revisions have sent back more than 14.1 million readings, each reading consisting of a wind speed (min,max,avg), wind direction, battery voltage and temperature.

Finally its been in field operation for over 29 months, having been sucessfully tested in the following countries,

  • UK
  • Ireland
  • USA
  • Australia


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