LoRa cAno2 windmeter

www.thewindop.com‘s latest wind meter now has LoRa capability. It can operate from batteries or with an optional solar panel, dependent on deployment requirements.

It uses our cAno2 data sampler, more details here.

Our prototype LoRa version will be available for pre-order on the 1st December with the specification outlined below.

GPS Firefly X1 (battery backup)
BLE RN4871 Used for configuration after startup
LoRa RN2483  LoRa communication via OTAA. APPEUI and APPKEY required.
2 Pin connector 3v7-17Vin, GND
4 Pin connector VCC, Pulse, ADC, GND
Time Unit time is acquired via GPS.
Sampling regime Wind measurements are measured over minute periods. Gust min/max detected over a second period. Sampling is suspended during data send.



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